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for the movie "Paprika"

"The girl in Byakkoya - White Tiger Field" the main theme song of the movie Paprika. Susumu Hirasawa, the author of the song, said generously "It should be released for free". So his will made it possible to achieve the free delivery here. In addition, we deliver "Runner" the outtake track which is open to the public only in this site (not included in the album).
It is a amazing for free MP3 delivery in release commemoration of "Paprika original soundtrack". Please click here before you download them.



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Susumu Hirasawa / "Paprika" Original Soundtrack (CD-EXTRA)
23 Nov. 2006 Chaos Union (TESLAKITE) CHTE-0038

01:Parade 02:Mediational Field 03:A Blind Spot in a Corridor 04:Welcome to the Circus 05:A Tree in the Dark 06:Escapee 07:Lounge 08:Shadow 09:A Drop Filled with Memories 10:Chaser 11:Prediction 12:Parade (instrumental) 13:The girl in Byakkoya - White Tiger Field (Paprika ending theme)
*EXTRA TRACK: Susumu Hirasawa short movie "The girl in Byakkoya - White Tiger Field"

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